Ashton's local history

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Old Ashton Places

Old nameLocationNotesSource

Albert Streetoff Bolton RoadCurrent map
America LaneGolborne RoadDavid Brown
Arch Lane Arch Laneoff Garswood RoadCurrent map
Ashton Cross Ashton CrossJunction of Liverpool Road and Millfield Lane1842 map
Ashton HeathAshton Heath1842 map
Ashton Mill Mill StreetBy Millingford Brook1842 map
Ashton TownTown Centre1842 map
Ashton Vicarage
Ayebridge FarmAye Bridge Farmoff Aye Bridge RoadCurrent map
Barber's Squareoff Heath Roadwhere Heath Road Day Centre is nowTH
Blackbrook Now in St Helens
Bedlam Row Edge Green
Bolton RoadBolton RoadCurrent map
Brettons Hillock
Bridge FootGerard StreetBridge over Millingford Brook1842 map
Brocstedes Brocstedes Road1842 map
Butchers Lane Butchers Laneoff Gerard StreetCurrent map
Brynn StreetBryn StreetCurrent map
Chapel StreetChapel Streetoff Bolton RoadCurrent map
Church Street?Church Terrace
Clay Pit
Copper House (Copperhouse) Row
Coroners Nook off Brocstedes Road1849 map
Cranberry Lee/Lodge Near Brocstedes Road1849 map
Crippin's BuildingsBryn Gates Laneby Bryn HallDavid Brown
Dig Nook2 Bolton Road1842 map
Dobb's Court
Dock Lane Liverpool Road1842 map
Doe Ridings near Brocstedes Road1842 map
Dog Kennels ?off Liverpool RoadDavid Brown
Downall GreenDownall Green1842 map
Druids Houses Ashton Heath?Druid Street
Drummers LaneDrummers Lane1842 map
Drummers Lane End Drummers Lane1842 map
Edge GreenEdge Green1842 map
Edge Green LaneEdge Green Lane1842 map
Edleston LaneDownall Green Road1849 map
Florida ?Haydock Lane1842 map
Florida Cottage ?Haydock Lane
Florida Stables ?Haydock Lane
Fourfooted Cross Bryn Cross1842 map
Four Lane End(s)
Gallows Hall Whitledge Green1849 map
Garswood Gate
Garswood Lane Garswood RoadCurrent map
Gas Streetoff Gerard Streetby Job CentreTH
Gerards Cross
Gibbons Lane Gibbons RoadCurrent map
Gillacreoff Bryn Road South1849 map
Gladden Hey BrowWinstanley Road1842 map
Gustavus Hillock off Booths Brow Road1849 map
Haydock Lodgeoff Warrington Road1842 map
Heath LaneHeath Road1842 map
Heath RoadHeath RoadCurrent map
High Brooks Near Brocstedes RoadCurrent map
Higher Gennel
Hiltons Foldnear Hilton StreetDavid Brown
The Holehouse The Masnesoff Bolton Roadsite of Mains Colliery, now Viridor WoodDavid Brown
Kenyon's LaneKenyons Lane, HaydockCurrent map
Kings Arms Inn School Lane King's Arms, Liverpool Road
Land GateLandgate1842 map
Land Lanenow Landgate Lane1842 map
Lathams Fold
Leyland Green Leyland Green Road, Downall Green1842 map
Lil(l)y LaneBolton Road1842 map
Liverpool RoadLiverpool RoadCurrent map
Locker Lane Edge Green Locker Laneoff Riding LaneCurrent map
Lodge LaneWarrington Road1842 map
Long Lanenow Bryn Road1842 map
Low(e) BankLow Bank Road1842 map
Lower Gennel
Lower LaneLiverpool Roadbeyond Ashton Cross1842 map
Malt Kiln Row (Ashton Heath)
Middle Genneloff Heath Road1849 map
Mill Lane/Mill StreetMill Street1842 map
Millfield LaneMillfield Lane1842 map
Moor Lane Downall Green Road1842 map
New Barn (Farm)off Rigby's Lanenow in the Manor Park estate1842 map
New Florida
New Hall off Liverpool RoadHome of the Gerard family1849 map
New Road Wigan Road
Nichol LaneNichol Road1849 map
Nichol Lane end of New Road Nichol Road
Odd Fellows Houses (Stubshaw Cross)
Old Engine ?Steam Engine
Park LaneWigan Road, Landgate1824 map
Peggy's Lanenow footpath behind Glebe AvenueOriginally ran from Warrington Road to Heath Road by Ashton Heath1842 map
Poor Ground?Woods Lane, Stubshaw Cross
Potters RowBryn Roadjust north of Bryn Road South1849 map
Puet Moss Leyland Green Road?Tewit Moss1849 map
Red Gateoff Bryn Roadnear Lockett Road1849 map
Red Lion Yard ?by Red Lion, Gerard Street
Riding LaneRiding Lane1849 map
Rigby's Lanenow footpath between Mill Street and Edge Green StreetCurrent map
Robinson Lane
Rose Hill Park Lane?Wigan Road, Landgate
Rose Hill Cottages Park Lane ?Wigan Road, Landgate
School Brow
School Lane?Liverpool Road, or off Garswood Road
Seneley Green Seneley Green1842 map
Sim(m)s Lane EndSimms Lane End1849 map
Skitters/Skitters Groveoff Low Bank Road1849 map
Slug Lane
Smithy Brow?Bolton Road, up to Hilton StreetDavid Brown
Sougher's LaneSougher's Lane1849 map
Stable Houses (Ashton Holy Trinity)
Stanley Mill
Stanley Terrace Ashton Heath
Steam EngineAdamson Streetoff Old Road1849 map
Stony Croft Terraceoff Steam EngineFrank ?
Stubshaw CrossStubshaw Cross1849 map
Sumner's Yardbetween Gerard St and MarketDavid Brown
Tapster Moss
Tithe Barn Hillock Tithe Barn Road1849 map
Tithe Barn Lane Tithe Barn RoadCurrent map
Tirpen Hall in Seneley Green
Torpen Howe
Town Field (Townfield) GateTownfields1849 map
Town Gate
Town GreenTown Green1849 map
Triumphant Buildings Ashton Heath
Tyrer's LaneFootpath 29, off Ashton HeathRoy Hilton
Waddington(s) Row
Wallis's Nook off Bryn Roadnear Potter's Farm1849 map
Warrington RoadWarrington RoadCurrent map
White Lodge Lane
Whitledge GreenWhitledge Green1849 map
Wigan RoadWigan RoadCurrent map
Withys Square

Where the place name is shown on an old or current map, this location is used, otherwise the name of the contributor is given.

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